Doji Minoru

Crane Shugenja


The mon of the Crane clan and the Doji family are prominently emblazoned on all of Doji Minoru's clothing; combined with the pale blue and white of his kimono and the flawless white of his hair (which shows no signs of having been bleached), there could be no mistaking his origins and his place in the village.  He stands fairly tall for a samurai at 5'6", and has a thin, willowy build that belies his inner strength.  Instead of the standard daisho most men of his rank would carry, the shugenja carries only a pristine tanto.

His features are finely cast, and even as a child people remarked about how beautiful he was.  This assessment has not changed in his adult life, as it seems the Fortunes and the Kami themselves have blessed Minoru with incredibly good looks.


Doji Minoru

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