Lord Ekaido

Gokenin of Mimura


Lord Ekaido is an enigma to those that have never met him.  He is as bald as a Dragon, his clothing is as rich as a Cranes, his build is that of a Crab and he has facial hair that any Unicorn would envy.  While his clothing is rich, he does not wear the mon of a clan or display any clan affiliation at all.  His personal family chop, the Rokugani character for money,  can be seen over his heart showing where his loyalties lie.

It is said that Lord Ekaido has friends in every part of Rokugan and is rumored to be related to the Emperor himself.  Not only is he the Gokenin for Mimura, but he oversees two other villages as well.  Where they are and if they fare better or worse than Mimura, no one either knows or is unwilling to say.

Lord Ekaido is 39 years old putting him near retirement.  He spends much of his time relaxing with gardening, painting, and falconry.

Lord Ekaido

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