Yasuki Junzo



-stamina – 2

-willpower – 2


Water – 4

Strength – 4

Perception -4


Air – 2

Reflexes – 2

Awareness – 2


Fire – 2 

Agility -2 

intelligence – 2


Void – 3



Commerce – 3

Courtier – 4

Deceit – 3

Etiquette – 4

Stealth -1

Slieght of Hand -2

Athletics -1

Acting -1

Defense -1

Forgery -1



-bentens Blessing 

-Daikus blessing

-Dangerous Beauty

-Read Lips



-bad Reputation




Hida Toshiki – best friend. He helps me when I used to get bullied by bigger kids.  Acts as a bodyguard.

Yasuki Akiko – Female Friend, like a sister.  WE look over each other, since her family died, and my family helps her.

Shiba Kinzo – Met him through Shiba Kotsi. A friend of a friend.  Talk with him about economics.



Kuni Ryo – Met at my kempuko.  Saw him trying to cheat and tried to oust him.  Decided to keep it a secret to hold over him at more oppurtune time.

Moto Juzo – I sold him a faulty sword and he has been trying to get me back since then.

Doji Jun – A crane samurai that is wealthy, and our families have never gotten along.



Yasuki Jin – Father.  Merchant, moved family to Mimura b/c of possible trouble/dishonor in our previous town.

Yasuki Emiko – Mother.  loyal to my father and very close to me.

Yasuki Yodo – Uncle.  Very Wise and intelligent.  Very short and slightly green color.


About me -  I have aspirations of leaving Mimura and making more money.  my father talks of the old days when he was a merchant in the crab lands.  B/c of my beauty I have found that I can easily get what I want.  And being a merchant is an easy cover for my political aspirations.


Yasuki Junzo

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