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  • Lord Ekaido

    Lord Ekaido is an enigma to those that have never met him.  He is as bald as a Dragon, his clothing is as rich as a Cranes, his build is that of a Crab and he has facial hair that any Unicorn would envy.  While his clothing is rich, he does …

  • Azumi

    Though Azumi is a ronin, he carries no weapon to defend himself.  This small boy performs odd jobs, helping out where he can in exchange for food.  He has a strong work ethic which is evident in everything he does.  Since no one considers …

  • Tokogashi

    Tokogashi is well known for his command with the Rokugani language and tells some of the most amazing stories you have ever heard.  He visits the various teahouses of the village and entertains guests in exchange for a place to sleep at night.

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