Character Creation Rules

These are the limitations I have placed on this particular campaign.  Since Mimura exists in an undefined time, families may not have changed clans, minor clans may not have been created and I have not decided on who the Emperor is.  It is easier to give an in game explanation as to why you were not informed of a family change, but I can not explain why you were pretending to be part of a clan if the change has not occurred yet.


Core Book Only

Major Clans only, no Mantis, no Imperial

Ancestor optional rules are allowed, but you can not tie them to a specific point in history.  I would like you to flesh the ancestor out however.

All families retain their original clan, with the exception of Yogo who will be Scorpion.


The following things are <u>NOT</u> allowed or limited as listed:



Allies – No Major Ally.  All other choices are acceptable.


Forbidden Knowledge

Great Destiny

Imperial Spouse


Luck – Limited to 3 points only

Sacred Weapon

Social Position

Way of the Land – Mimura only



Cast Out


Shadowlands Taint

Dark Secret

Dark Fate

Sworn Enemy



Tattooed Monks.  Regular Monks are ok.


<u>Heritage Table Rolls</u>

You are allowed one roll on the Heritage table only, for free.  This roll can only be made on the Mixed Blessings table.

Character Creation Rules

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